Drug Free Kosciusko Coalition is comprised of community members from local schools, businesses, and organizations who believe in a drug free community and the prevention of substance use among youth.  The mission of Drug Free Kosciusko is to build hope to eliminate substance use among youth.  Lisa Vogler is the coalition president. Contact Kosciusko Cares Youth Services to become involved.  Our current campaign is Social Norms.  The group has conducted a community survey that will assist with the creation of the Social Norms campaign. 

2018 is an exciting year for Kosciusko Cares as we kick
off the social norms campaign with different messages about
perceptions of alcohol use among youth.
The first messages are shown in the pictures to the right.
We want adults to realize that alcohol use among youth is not
widely accepted by adults, even though many adults think other
adults might support it. We want to change that perception. Our
youth in Kosciusko County are responsible kids.
We know that with parent and community support we can help
them make good choices when it comes to drinking alcohol.
As the year unfolds, you will see more of these messages in many
different places. Watch for them and comment on our Facebook
page or send us an email about your thoughts on this campaign.
Input from the community will be beneficial in showing how the
campaign is impacting the change we wish to make
See the current list of Coalition members below: