We offer a variety of year-round, evidence-based and evidence-driven prevention programs. Programs are designed to meet specific community needs to build hope and positively impact youth and families.  

Conducted 2 times per year for 14 weeks each time.  Fall cohort begin in September and Spring cohort begins in February.  Contact:  mandy@kosciuskocares.org

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We have served over 30 families since 2015 and the program is growing.  Our families are learning new communication skills and practicing family time!  We are also lucky to host guest speakers presenting on topics such as stress management, practicing being mindful, activities available from the local library, and health and wellness opportunities from the YMCA.  Sunrise Photography came out to photograph families for a family portrait.  Each week one family wins a surprise gift bag, and enjoy a family meal together.  

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Currently operating in Head Start classrooms throughout the county.  Openings available for Al's Pals to operate in kindergarten classrooms and preschools.   Contact:  jackie@kosciuskocares.org

Al’s Pals is a comprehensive curriculum and teacher training program that develops social-emotional skills, self-control, problem-solving abilities, and healthy decision-making in children ages 3-8 years old. The program is nationally recognized as an evidence-based model prevention program. Through fun lessons, engaging puppets, original music, and effective teaching approaches, Al’s Pals:

  • Helps young children regulate their own feelings and behavior, allowing educators more time for creative teaching by reducing the need for discipline
  • Creates and maintains classroom environments of caring, cooperation, respect, and responsibility
  • Teaches conflict resolution and peaceful problem-solving
  • Promotes appreciation of differences and positive social relationships
  • Prevents and addresses bullying behavior
  • Conveys clear messages about the harms of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • Builds children’s abilities to make healthy choices and cope with life’s difficulties

Al's Pals is currently provided by Bowen Center at each Head Start classroom in the county.  Through Kosciusko Cares, Al's Pals will also be implemented at Pierceton Preschool, Pierceton Elementary, Claypool Elementary, Syracuse Elementary, and Leesburg Elementary Kindergarten classrooms.  

AcornDreams is also a website which is full of resources for your work with young children: www.acorndreams.com

Currently partnering with Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation to implement Botvin LIfe Skills. Openings exist to bring Life Skills Training to your recreation, after-school, or youth group.  

Contact information:  marsha@kosciuskocares.org

The Botvin LifeSkills Training High School program is a highly interactive, skills-based program designed to promote positive health and personal development for high school youth. Based on the highly effective LifeSkills Training curriculum, this program helps adolescents navigate the challenges of the high school years and prepares them for the independence and responsibilities that they will encounter as young adults. The LifeSkills Training High School program uses developmentally appropriate, collaborative learning strategies to help students achieve competency in the skills that have been shown to prevent substance use, violence, and other health risk behaviors.

The LifeSkills Training High School program is an integrated approach that helps to develop personal, interpersonal, and drug resistance skills. The curriculum is designed to strengthen student abilities in the following areas:

  • Personal Self-Management Skills
    Students develop strategies for making healthy decisions, reducing stress, and managing anger. 
  • General Social Skills
    Students strengthen their communication skills and learn how to build healthy relationships.
  • Drug Resistance Skills
    Students understand the consequences of substance use, risk-taking, and the influences of the media. 

The LifeSkills Training Program is being implemented through a partnership between Kosciusko Cares and the WorkforceOne JAG program.