"Young People Delivering Justice"

Teen Court is a youth development program that invests youth in citizenship, and learning opportunities. Youth volunteers act as jurors, bailiffs, clerks, defense and prosecuting attorneys, and determine the sentence for juvenile offenders referred schools, police, and juvenile probation.  Sentences require community service, restitution, apologies or other learning opportunities. Almost 22 years of outcomes proves kids who go through Teen Court don't get into trouble again. Teen Court emphasizes positive youth development.

Are you a high school student interested in serving your community and helping your peers? 
Download the Teen Court Application by clicking HERE.

Name *
I give my permission for Kosciusko Cares to contact me regarding Teen Court Team via my personal cell phone using phone or text.
Are you abel to spend approximately 8 hours per month on Teen Court activities? Sometimes a little more, and sometimes a little less?
Are you able to attend Teen Court trainings the week of September 11th? These classes will take place in the late afternoon/evening 3 times that week for a total of 6 - 8 hours?
The actual Teen Court proceedings will take place one time per month on a Monday evening. Are you available one Monday evening per month?
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