Help reduce substance use among youth today.

You can do something about youth who make poor choices, help reduce the number of adolescents and teens who are drinking and using drugs, kids who are using prescription drugs not prescribed to them, and family disorganization that leads to generational unhealthy behavior.

Did you know that almost 24% of Kosciusko County high school seniors drank alcohol 1 – 19 times during the most recent 30-day period?  Did you know that 9th graders who use prescription drugs not prescribed to them has doubled from last year to this year, or that 7% of 7th graders have used over the counter drugs to get high anywhere from 1 to 19 times during the past 30 days?

These are alarming statistics.  While these numbers are scary (and there are more) there is also hope…73% of high school seniors don’t drink alcohol, and 97% of parents do not approve of underage drinking, 86% of high school seniors have not used marijuana, and 93% of 7th graders have not used over the counter drugs.

Although sometimes theses problems don’t directly affect each one of us, they do affect all of us as a community.

Help us build a better Kosciusko County.  What would it mean for us, as a community, if together we were able to decrease some of behaviors mentioned above?  We can witness more families interacting in a healthy manner, help youth find their voice and their purpose, grow their ability to have healthy responses to stress and trauma, be better learners, and value community participation.

At Kosciusko Cares we are different.  Our work is directed specifically to reduce community risk factors and build community protective factors that are known to effect substance use across the lifespan.  Our work is informed by data.  Our strategies are based on best practices.  Outcomes are measured using data.

Kosciusko County is where we choose to live.  There are lots of great reasons for that.  We can make Kosciusko County event better.

Be a part of something new and different! Be a part of something where we ask ourselves every day….Are we busy or are we effective?

We greatly appreciate your donation!  Until we are able to activate a donate button, please mail all tax-deductible contributions to Kosciusko Cares at 1515 Provident Drive, Warsaw, Indiana 46580.