Prevention Campaigns

Check out our prevention campaigns for adults and youth.

We currently run two media campaigns. One campaign reaching out to parents and adults in the community. The adult campaign is called MOST OF KOSCIUSKO. Why? Because all of the true statements represent what MOST OF KOSCIUSKO adults believe about underage drinking. MOST OF US (the majority of Kosciusko adults) can have a great influence on the norms of acceptable behaviors among youth, and each of us can feel confident that most other adults hold the same values we do!

The second campaign is called, WHAT’s YOUR SIDE EFFECT? We’re talking mostly to youth in this campaign, but sometimes to parents and adults too. The main messages are….there are lots of things that can give you a great side effect other than drugs and alcohol. What about your favorite games, the sports you like, the music you love, your family, your friends, skateboarding, art, drama….whatever it may be, it’s ok to work on that and do the things you love, instead of drugs and alcohol!

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