About Us

Our Mission & Vision

The Mission of Kosciusko Cares Youth Services is to advocate for, support, and promote healthy youth development.

The Vision of Kosciusko Cares Youth Services is a safe community with abundant healthy lifestyle choices; where a sense of pride in our children and youth is apparent, education is valued, and together we support resilient children and families.


Kosciusko Cares Youth Services, Inc. is sponsored by the Otis R. Bowen Center for Human Services, Inc. with funding provided by the Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addictions, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, K21 Health Foundation, the Harkless Foundation, and generous donors.  

Most of Kosciusko County adults...
Most of Kosciusko Adults (94%) Disapprove of Youth Drinking Alcohol.
  • Board Members

    Kosciusko Cares Youth Services Board members provide leadership, governance, experience, oversight, and advice to help catapult forward evidence-based prevention in Kosciusko County.

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  • Staff Members

    Kosciusko Cares staff are each uniquely qualified and skilled to serve the community and implement the strategies of the organization.

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