Prevention Action Team

A group of community collaborators working to reduce substance use among youth

The Drug Free Kosciusko Coalition is the driver beneath prevention in the community.  We can’t do this work alone.  We need community members to join the effort.  What will you do?  Bring your perspective and your connections and your voice to prevention in the community.  Maybe you have experienced addiction and would like to make a difference to make sure others can avoid it.  Perhaps you are a healthcare professional and would like to positively effect the number of people you see who have problems in their family.  Perhaps you’re simply interested in creating positive change in our community. It really doesn’t matter.  Everyone is needed and valuable.

If you work, play, or live in Kosciusko County, you can lend your voice to the prevention movement.  You will be welcomed.  You will be given a role.  You will help grow awareness.  You will help make decisions.  Contact us today.  We use the Strategic Prevention Framework to guide our actions.  See video below.  You can complete the contact form or email Renea Salyer, Drug Free Kosciusko Coalition Coordinator:

View a video to learn more about the Strategic Prevention Framework