Al's Pals

Al and his Pals visit many county classrooms throughout the school year!

Al’s Pals is proven to develop social-emotional skills, self-control, problem-solving abilities, and healthy decision-making in children ages 3-8 years old. The program is nationally recognized as an evidence-based model prevention program and received top rating by the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning in their Social-Emotional Preschool Curriculum Consumer Report.

Through fun lessons, engaging puppets, original music, and effective teaching approaches, Al’s Pals:

  • Helps young children regulate their own feelings and behavior, allowing educators more time for creative teaching by reducing the need for discipline
  • Creates and maintains classroom environments of caring, cooperation, respect, and responsibility
  • Teaches conflict resolution and peaceful problem-solving
  • Promotes appreciation of differences and positive social relationships
  • Prevents and addresses bullying behavior
  • Conveys clear messages about the harms of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • Builds children’s abilities to make healthy choices and cope with life’s difficulties

We currently run Al’s Pals throughout the school year in all Head Start classrooms, Pierceton Elementary Kindergarten and Preschool classrooms, and New Beginnings Preschool in Milford.

We want to serve children in your area of the county by bringing Al’s Pals to more preschool and Kindergarten classrooms! We hear from teachers how their students are implementing the lessons they learn in problem-solving, regulating behavior, and more.  Al and his Pals are popular with the kids!  They love Al, Keisha, and Ty – and Miss Jackie too!  Teachers love it too!   Contact us today to talk about bringing Al’s Pals to your classroom.  Contact us through the website or email Jackie Thornsbury, Al’s Pals and Life Skills Coordinator:

Al's Pals Video

Kosciusko Cares received a grant from KCODE to purchase t-shirts for the preschool students in all our programs. Thank you KCODE!