Drug Free Kosciusko Coalition Needs YOU!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Drug Free Kosciusko Coalition is a community coalition comprised of parents, schools, law enforcement, businesses, religious leaders, health providers and other community activists who are mobilizing to make our community safer, healthier and drug-free. Drug Free Kosciusko is a strategy that promotes coordination and collaboration and makes efficient use of limited community resources. By connecting multiple sectors of the community in a comprehensive approach, we can achieve real outcomes. Drug Free Kosciusko is working to build hope to eliminate substance use among youth.

The Drug Free Kosciusko Coalition needs YOU! YES, YOU! To learn more, contact Renea Salyer: renea@kosciuskocares.org or call 574-551-6082. Renea would love to meet for coffee or lunch to discuss how you can become a part of these efforts.